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Colling Media in AZ Big Media – Expands Staff & Operations

by Colling Media - August 27, 2015

AZ Big Media is one of the valleys largest publications most notably known for “Ranking Arizona”.  They feature business’s around the valley and discuss cutting edge business topics, news, events & business strategies being deployed by top companies.  Recently, Colling Media was featured in the AZ Big Media online publication regarding our expansion in staff and operations.  The expansion includes a new roster of prestigious clients as well as the valleys top talent. This positions Colling Media to delivery the highest quality execution along with unrivaled creative strategies nation wide.

Our CEO and Founder said:

“Our agency has been fortunate to be at the forefront of the evolution of tra-digital marketing and the implementation of new tools and technologies including the creation of proprietary software that helps our clients better track the efficiency of their marketing investments,” he said. “We’ve assembled a highly specialized team of marketing and media experts that together offer an unprecedented level of knowledge and expertise in the digital and traditional marketing realms,”

To read more about our expansion of staff and operations see our article in AZ Big Media.


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