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Our Year in Review

by Colling Media - December 31, 2014

In less than 24 hours, the year 2030 will be just as far away from us as the year 2000. Strange to think about, right?! As we look back on 2014, we are so thankful to everyone that contributed to getting us to where we are today. This year was a huge success, but we couldn’t have done it without the help of our clients, vendors, and partners!

Here are five big things that Colling Media was proud to accomplish in 2014:

1.       Received a PhD in Facebook

We tapped into and broke down all of the intricate targeting abilities of Facebook, leveraging this monster advertising medium to drive trackable results for our clients.

2.       Mastered Conversion Tracking

At the beginning of this year we started out with a goal to be able to track our clients’ advertising success to the most granular level possible. This year, we developed in-house techniques and custom dashboards that can tie conversion events – whether it’s a reservation made at a restaurant, a phone call to a car dealership, or an entry into a contest – we can track it all the way back to the exact channel, platform, ad creative, time of day, or targeting strategy that drove it.

3.       Strategized Traditional Advertising

Radio Advertising – We successfully leveraged our National direct response radio advertising strategies to local and regional clients and implemented advanced radio media buying strategies to produce greater radio returns.

Television Advertising – This year, we focused on direct response by call tracking TV stations and times of day for the greatest returns.  We launched :30 and 60 second National TV spots, as well as several long-form TV campaigns in nine different states…tracking results by region, medium, and day-parts.  We found great success locally with a combination of broadcast and cable television advertising and have especially found creative ways to make :10 and :15 second TV spots work very well.

Billboard Advertising – We had the privilege to run one of the first high-impact video billboards in Times Square that received raving reviews.  We also saw major success in Transit Advertising with Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…..from billboards in the sky, buses, and advertising in airports and light rails.

Print Advertising – This year, we found that print is still alive and well…it’s just priced differently. We found some great ways to leverage our National print networks with our localized print buys.  From running National magazine ads to local newspaper ads, we found print to be very effective with the audiences we targeted.

4.       Doubled Our Colling Media Family

In 2014, we found a huge need to add 8 new members to our family. We continue to grow and diversify our team in order to offer more varied services and better results for our clients.

5.       The Ultimate Collaboration Space

One thing we are really excited about is moving into our fantastic new office space in North Scottsdale! This office was the first that we truly designed from the ground up with our specific needs and business style in mind. You’re invited to come check it out any time!

We wish you all the best going into the new year! Happy 2015!

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