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Top 17 Website Design Mistakes

Top 17 Web Design Mistakes

Following web design best practices doesn’t mean that you aren’t also making some mistakes. Website design is complex: there are a lot of potential missteps out there and the best practices change from year to year. Here’s what you need to know about developing a website your users will love—by avoiding things that your users will hate.  1.…

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Keyword Research – What are words for?

Keyword Research - Colling Media

There’s an 80’s song by Missing Persons called “Words” where lead singer Dale Bozzio laments, “What are words for when no one listens anymore? Tell me what are words for”. For some reason, I always think of it when I do keyword research. Having performed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for more than 10 years, words mean more…

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How To Choose A Media Buying Company

How To Choose A Media Buying Company - Colling Media

Audio Transcript: Hello, and welcome to Colling Media’s presentation on How To Choose A Media Buying Company. Today we’ll be going through the process of choosing a Media Buying Company, including defining your goals, reviewing services that are offered, research that you need to do, and then some final suggestions. Colling Media is an award-winning…

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