3 Tips for Hosting a Killer Facebook Live Broadcast

3 Tips for Hosting a Killer Facebook Live Broadcast

So, your company has a great message to share, a mobile device, and a Facebook Page with a good number of fans and followers. You’re ready to rock out your first Facebook Live broadcast!

Or are you?

I’ve had the opportunity to host several Facebook live broadcasts in my social media marketing career. I have discovered a …Continue Reading »

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Calls-to-Action (CTAs): Breaking Email’s Golden Rule

One aspect of marketing which fascinates me involves what I call “interaction psychology”. How and why someone engages or doesn’t engage with content consumes a lot of my campaign prep work. This mental noodling has lead me to examine how I’m using Calls-to-Action (CTAs) in emails programs.

Email’s CTA Golden Rule

A long-standing rule of email is …Continue Reading »

What the Google Adwords Redesign Means for Advertisers

Google announced in March that it was launching a major redesign of its 15-year old Adwords functionality; the last time the tool was updated was 2008. With growing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, the desktop functionality just is no longer optimal anymore for advertisers who want to place content in searches, videos, shopping and mobile browsing.

In planning …Continue Reading »

Search Generates 10X More Traffic Than Social Media for Shopping Sites

Whether your website is old or new, chances are your primary goal is to boost traffic. While search is certainly a tried and true method for traffic generation, many people have resorted to alternate methods to drive traffic to their website. Some examples of these alternatives include social media websites and guest blogging. However, despite the …Continue Reading »

Facebook adds data to help brands see if they are driving offline sales

If you haven’t heard of Facebook Atlas, you will likely hear plenty about it in the near future. Facebook Atlas is the popular social media platform’s ad server that reaches outside the boundaries of Facebook’s website and apps. Facebook Atlas recently received a couple important updates that we delve into below.

Facebook’s Offline Actions

Facebook announced the …Continue Reading »

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The Current State of the Google Ranking Algorithm (2016)

When Google announces a major change or update to its search engine algorithm, it creates sizable ripples throughout the SEO community – and  interesting page ranking shifts as well. Because Google keeps its search engine mechanics a tightly guarded secret, we only know what the company releases through its occasional announcements and patent filing. Using …Continue Reading »

6 Simple Strategies for Driving Mobile Calls


Driving mobile calls can be difficult, but there’s a few different tricks a business can apply for boosting sales and building professional growth. With this being said, we’re going to cover a few strategies that make business boost mobile calls and conversions. Here’s a look at six strategies to help drive mobile calls.

Utilize Mobile Extensions – Whenever someone searches …Continue Reading »

Cleaning up Your Backlinks to Gain a Boost in Organic Search

Backlinks are defined as any hyperlink from one website to another website, and every good, organically-obtained backlink gives websites a boost to their search engine ranking score. For example, if The Guardian’s website had a good link to an article on Huffington Post’s website, the Huffington Post would receive an appropriate boost in its search engine score. Both the quality and number of backlinks that a …Continue Reading »

8 Ways You Can Use Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Facebook advertising is a great way to reach targeted demographics. Some businesses use Facebook targeting to advertise products on a national or international level. For others, the local approach is more appropriate for their business. These entrepreneurs may want to corner the market in a certain city, suburb or neighborhood and Facebook has made doing so easier …Continue Reading »

Google Grants for Non Profits

How to Get the Most out of Your Google Adwords Grant

Google Grants For Non Profits:
Google Grants is a program offered by Google which provides organizations that qualify free advertising support. It’s based on their Adwords platform.  In order to qualify, your organization must meet the following criteria

 Hold a valid charity or non-profit status.
 Agree to Google’s certification requirements concerning non-discrimination, donation receipt, and donation use.
 Have …Continue Reading »

Big Beer Brands Use Digital Marketing During Oktoberfest Season

Digital marketing is becoming much more the accepted medium for reaching potential customers, especially with the proliferation of the Internet over the last few years. Almost every corner of the globe has access to this veritable endless source of information. Unlike the old days of television and radio broadcasting over airwaves, there is little to …Continue Reading »

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