Case Study Pain Management

Healthcare provider sees Cost Per Lead (CPLs) lowered by 271%

Company Overview

Pain management facility in Phoenix, AZ.


Phoenix, AZ area pain management facility was looking for a way to increase new patients. The healthcare provider challenged us to lower cost per lead (CPLs), drive new patient traffic to the company website, and increase Google search results ranking.


The pain management facility chose Colling Media's digital marketing and media buying services to solve their problem. We help businesses with lead acquisition. lead conversion, and making decisions with data analytics.


Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Average rank position went from 3.8 to 2.1 (+55%)

Cost Per Lead (CPL) went from $62.99 to $23.23 (-271%)

Social Media Marketing (Facebook)

Video Impressions
Clicks to site
Cost Per Click


Colling Media’s Social Media Marketing campaigns combined with Search Engine Marketing campaigns increased brand awareness, drove higher new patient acquisition, significantly lowered CPLs, and dramatically improved ad ranking in Google searches for pain relief keywords.

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