Brand Reputation Management – Why your company needs a crisis plan

Reputation Management - Is Your Brand Ready for a Crisis_ (1)

Brand Reputation Management is “Why” every brand need a marketing crisis plan. Kathy Griffin’s headshot seen around the world is another reminder about how using spokespeople as the face of a brand can be risky. CNN and Squatty Potty discovered how quickly public opinion can turn ugly in today’s all-knowing, all-seeing, all-opinionated lightning-fast digital world…

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Taco Bell Rebranding Fail

Taco Bell Rebranding Fail (1)

2016 seems to be a popular year for big brands to fiddle with logos. Over the summer, Subway made tweaks to its look and others are following suit. And whenever a brand attempts a re-branding effort the Colling Media office noise level jumps. This week Taco Bell triggered a lively discussion about how successful the…

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