Paid Media

8 Common Mistakes Companies Make Executing PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Hiring someone to handle your PPC campaign is an expense that may seem hard to justify. Yet running an effective PPC campaign is not as simple as it looks in YouTube tutorials. Marketing Charts estimates a full quarter most PPC budget is wasted due to poor practices. indicates companies can make 70 percent more…

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14 Best Practices for High Converting Landing Pages

14 Best Practices for Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the best tools for marketing to multiple target markets through various inbound lead channels. Some of the most common channels used to bring traffic into a landing page include email marketing campaigns, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, traditional media (radio, print, or tv), display ads, or rich media ads. 14 Best Practices…

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Google AdWords Update Produces More Relevant Bids

Google AdWords Bid Update

New Strategy Allows Businesses to “Set More Relevant Bids” The business world was thrown a potential curveball recently when Google recently revamped its AdWords bid system for DSA (dynamic search ad) categories. While the new strategy may take some getting used to, the Adwords announcement noted that it was created to meet a demand for…

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What the Google Adwords Redesign Means for Advertisers

Google Adwords

Google announced in March that it was launching a major redesign of its 15-year old Adwords functionality; the last time the tool was updated was 2008. With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, the desktop functionality just is no longer optimal anymore for advertisers who want to place content in searches, videos, shopping and mobile browsing.…

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6 Simple Strategies for Driving Mobile Calls

Mobile Phone

Driving mobile calls can be difficult, but there are a few different tricks a business can apply for boosting sales and building professional growth. With this being said, we’re going to cover a few strategies that make business boost mobile calls and conversions. Here’s a look at six strategies to help drive mobile calls. Utilize Mobile Extensions – Whenever…

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Internet Giant Yahoo Launches Programmatic Native Ads

In the Internet marketing world, a central goal is to reach the largest potential customer base. Well perhaps that is a key to all successful advertising campaigns. Anyway, times have changed. Consumers are much savvier than in the past. A company cannot just claim to be the best. Nobody would listen. Instead, the top marketers…

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Math now Available as Custom Columns in AdWords

Google AdWords is a dynamic tool for maximizing website traffic and clicks to specific web pages. It is especially useful for driving traffic to e-commerce sites, making the public aware of products and ultimately assisting with more online sales, leads and overall conversions of whatever product or service you have. Google AdWords has evolved quite…

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8 Ways You Can Use Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Facebook ads account

Facebook advertising is a great way to reach targeted demographics. Some businesses use Facebook targeting to advertise products on a national or international level. For others, the local approach is more appropriate for their business. These entrepreneurs may want to corner the market in a certain city, suburb or neighborhood and Facebook has made doing so easier…

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Target Lookalike Audiences On Google Using CRM Data

As you know, targeting is vital to the success of a marketing plan. Generally, the more targeted an advertising campaign is, the more successful the campaign will be with the intended audience. Google has recently made some changes that makes targeting an ideal audience easier for advertisers. This change emphasizes the importance of collecting email…

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