Search Engine Optimization

Google States its Top 3 Ranking Signals

Getting a better search ranking is one of the things that companies have been chasing since the invention of the internet. The higher you rank, the more clicks you get and the more exposure your website gets. During the mid-2000s, the idea of search engine optimization became an entire field of expertise. Back then, search…

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How to Leverage Social Media for Local SEO

One of the things that local brands struggle with is the ability to compete with national companies for precious search engine spots. However, the good news is that local brands thrive on social media outlets. Places like Facebook, Twitter, and other sites are the easiest way to spread a brand message to the right local…

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Google Updates Search Quality Rating Guidelines

Back in November 2015, Google published a document with the full version of their quality rating guidelines. On March 28, Google updated this document, reducing the length of the document from 160 pages to 146 pages. This is the first update Google has made to the document and to their search quality ratings since the document…

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Google My Business Local Ranking Factors

google my business local-ranking-factors

Having a good local ranking on Google can be the difference between your business surviving or failing in this digital day and age. People looking for the services a business provides—be retail shopping, dining at a restaurant or hiring someone for a particular job—by in large use a Google search engine.  To facilitate this, Google…

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Search Engine Marketing and TV Work Hand-in-Hand

The goal of a well-rounded marketing program is to reach as many consumers as possible using a variety of different marketing methods.  In today’s digitally-focused world, many companies have taken television advertising completely off of the table, thinking it “old school” or ineffective.  This could be a mistake as TV ads have been shown to…

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Local SEO – 3 Tips for Ranking Higher

Local SEO

Due to the advent and popularity of the Internet, practically every business would benefit from having a website or blog of some sort. In fact, for the vast majority of businesses, it is necessary to have an online presence in order to keep up with the local competition. Unfortunately, in some cases, it may not…

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Google Takes Action on 65% of Manual Spam Reports

Google recently announced at the SMX trade show, which is one of the biggest expos in the SEO and SEM business, that out of the 35,000 manual reports it receives monthly, it takes action on 65% of them. Google’s Juan Felipe Rincon, who is the Webmaster Outreach Manager for Google, talked about the program during his keynote.…

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What is AMP and why do you need it?

AMP is a solution to a problem, and that problem is poor mobile development. Despite there being numerous and detailed best practices from the likes of Google itself, most companies continue to have very, very poor mobile practices. Mobile optimization is a mixed bag, and mobile consumers (which is, increasingly, the majority of consumers) continue…

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How the Google Quality Score Update Impacts Advertisers


Any shakeup is bound to make some people happy and upset others. This is the case with Google’s May algorithm revision, which some have named the “Quality Update.” Google hasn’t shared much about exactly how the algorithm has changed and whom it affects, but it has said the algorithm is unbiased – i.e. it’s not…

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How Cleaning Up Your Backlinks Boosts Organic Search


Backlinks are defined as any hyperlink from one website to another website, and every good, organically-obtained backlink gives websites a boost to their search engine ranking score. For example, if The Guardian’s website had a good link to an article on Huffington Post‘s website, the Huffington Post would receive an appropriate boost in its search engine score. Both the quality and number of backlinks that a…

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