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Retargeting: What is it? & Why is it Important?

by Brian Colling - June 20, 2013

Retargeting: What is it? & Why is it Important?

If you’re an online reseller and you haven’t heard of advertising retargeting you’re going to want to pay careful attention to this blog post. If you’ve heard of retargeting but you aren’t using retargeting as a part of your online marketing mix, it’s time to reconsider your marketing approach; you might just be missing out on the biggest advertising opportunity in the past 50 years.

What is retargeting?

Imagine if you could follow your customers with a billboard just about everywhere they went. You essentially can. That’s the power of retargeting. Simply put advertising retargeting (also known as remarketing and re-messaging) is an online advertising method that allows resellers to display advertisements across the web to customers who have shown an interest in a particular product, service, or website.

For example, a dentist who whitens teeth could strategically place advertisements directed specifically at individuals who had previously visited his website just about everywhere else they visit online. As they read the morning paper, there’s the dentist’s ad. When they shop for a new pair of shoes or tickets to that summer blockbuster, the reminder to get those teeth pearly white appears again. Throughout the day as the customer interacts on the internet, they’ll be exposed to a number of ad experiences on the websites they frequent the most. Coincidence? Not in the least bit, that’s the power of retargeting.

You might have already noticed online retargeting happening to you. Industry giants like are already heavily invested in online retargeting and even Google has been exploring the possibilities associated with running advertising retargeting campaigns.

Why is advertising retargeting important?

Anyone who’s taken Sales 101 has probably heard of the Rule of 3. Simply stated, humans are so inundated with information that in order to remember and recall a message they need to experience that message no less than three separate times. It’s why advertisers run multiple spots during television and radio programming, and why you’re likely to encounter multiple billboards for the same product on your drive home from work. If you can get your message across to your audience three separate times the likelihood they purchase your good or service is significantly higher.

Retargeting fills that need. It allows marketers to engage customers on an ultra-targeted level giving them an advertising experience specific to their desires and needs. Customers interested in concert tickets can get specific and subtle reminders to purchase their tickets before they’re all gone… but a completely different ad experience can be offered up for those web users who have no such interests.

Best of all, online retargeting works. Web users are typically highly functioning and show low engagement. They surf for information at rapid speeds, too fast to consider decisions. Online, if you don’t capture your audience in the first few seconds and make the sale on the first visit to your website, chances are they’re lost forever. Retargeting allows you to stay engaged with the customer, hold their interest, and give you multiple opportunities to make the sale even after they’ve left your website. And research shows it works which is why if you’re not retargeting – you need to be.

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