Print Advertising

Print Advertising


If an advertisement is on a piece of paper, it is considered print advertising.
Even in a digital World, there is still something special
about the tangible advertisement and it still works.

Find out how to make print advertising work for you:


Colling Media is an expert at multimedia print campaigns from local to national newspaper, magazines, direct mail and more.

Print advertising allows for specific targeting and trackable results often within the first day of publication.



Newspaper advertising is great for pushing sales. The newspaper is the largest coupon one could possibly offer so places who have regular weekly, monthly or holiday sales can benefit from newspaper advertising. Newspaper advertising is great for targeting a mature audience.

Magazine advertising



Magazine advertising is great for targeting specific lifestyles and have a greater shelf life than most print publications.  Magazines help drive sales as a standalone medium or as a multi-media campaign.

Direct Mail Advertising



Advertisers can target exactly who they want to reach thru the mailbox and direct mail is still proven to work for many industries. Get access to unlimited direct mail advertising opportunities with our direct mail advertising team.


Get Your Ads in your Customers Hands

Leverage competitive print pricing to maximize results.

What is Print Advertising?

Someday people may actually ask this question…..for now, I’m sure most everyone has an idea of what print advertising is…..nowadays it’s not a matter of what is print advertising, but how do you make print advertising work? Print isn’t always for every business but it can be very effective when it is the right medium and you target the right audience with the right ad. From newspaper, direct mail, post cards, letters, flyers, magazines, journals, coupons, and even gift cards are all forms for print advertising. Colling Media can take the guesswork out of your print advertising and streamline it for results. A print piece can engage a person, interact with a person in ways the web cannot. Print has the diversity of being able to stand alone or work with other media to create dynamic and effective multimedia marketing campaigns.

Why Colling Media?

In today’s marketplace, clients need to find new ways to buy print media and Colling Media has leveraged everything from longstanding relationships, to other agency partnerships and ad network/remnant buys to maximize all of the ways of buying print advertising. We crunch circulation and CPM numbers to ensure our clients have the greatest possibility of making their print ads work and by work we mean tracking ROI. If you want greater returns on your print advertising, give us a shot. We’ll show you how to maximize your print dollars.



– Jef I. Richards


Let’s start identifying marketing & advertising strategies together 

Colling Media is a results driven marketing partner. Companies hire us to produce tangible ROI they can count on. Our endless pursuit of optimization is the difference. Let’s get you results. Real results.

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