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Don't touch that Dial…Big Radio Changes

by Brian Colling - January 23, 2014

If you are in the radio business or advertise on the radio you probably have heard the big news!  If you are not in the business and listen to the radio (according to Arbitron that is at least 95%+ of you) than you may have suddenly noticed your favorite DJ was not on the air, that the music you were listening to changed or that you were constantly hearing the exact same songs at the exact same time on the same two stations and this time it has to be more than coincidence.   Okay, well let’s highlight some big changes in Arizona Radio:

1.  Hot 97.5 and My 103.9 joined forces and launched “Trending Radio 103.9 and 97.5.”  The buzz in the market is strong as they think the combined cume of these two stations will make them a top 5 station.

2.  Arizona Sports made a big return to the FM Dial!  Meanwhile, Peak 98.7 went off the air.  This was a pretty big surprise!  KTAR immediately launched a large media blitz within hours of the announcement with a large outdoor campaign combining digital billboards, bus shelters and something we found  very interesting…..advertising with Pandora Radio.  A traditional radio station advertising on digital radio?  We were impressed!

3. EVA 95.5 FM reformatted to “The Mountain,” with their motto “We Play Everything,” they seem to be targeting more male listeners with a mix of adult hits and classic rock!  We think this could be interesting if they try and fill the void we feel is there from when The Edge changed formats.

Needless to say, it’s a New Year in Radio!  In summary, two Hot Adult Contemporary (Hot and Peak) and Eva, an adult hits station are gone.  Arizona Sports is on FM to compete with National Sports on 910, two stations merged into one, and a new station “The Mountain” is here!

Our advertising agency is excited to test some direct response media on some of these new formats to analyze our cost per response before adding clients with more branding goals.  We may find that buying My and Hot separately produced a better cost per response as separate stations and will test both direct response and add our branding clientele to “Trending Radio,” as we have seen great results on both formats separately and think they’ll do well together.  KTAR Sports we feel will grow their reach by 20-30% in the first quarter based on PPM data but this could be underestimated as the Peak had a cume over 500,000 Adults 18+ and the timing of the format change over to sports lends itself very well a couple weeks before The Super Bowl and The Phoenix Open.

Happy Radio Listening Arizona!

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