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How to Close More Sales When You Start With The End In Mind

How to Close More Sales When You Start with the End In Mind

“Sales is a process, not an event.” – Zig Ziglar Dean Jackson, co-host of a popular podcast “I Love Marketing” with Joe Polish, stated in marketing… “you need to think like a chess master.” Ever since I listened to that episode in 2012, I have applied this philosophy to the world of sales. And now,…
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6 Ways for Maximizing Your Google AdWords Account and Your Budget

Everyone wants to maximize Google AdWords account and stop wasting budget, and in many ways, managing a Google AdWords Paid Search account is much like painting a picture. If you asked six artists to paint a family in front of a house, you would get six completely different paintings. Some artists may draw a family…
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Why Your PPC Structures Matter & 5 Ways to Improve Performance

Whenever we have a client that is interested in a PPC audit, one of the first things we look at is the foundation PPC structures of the campaigns and how the ad groups have been labeled in association per each campaign amongst other things. This is important for a few reasons. How a campaign is…
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What is GDPR and What Does It Mean to My Business?

We’ve discovered there is a lot of confusion around the soon-to-be-implemented GDPR rules. So, to help you become more familiar with how you can protect your business from getting blindsided by a letter from the European Union explaining why you may owe it a large sum of money, we’ve put together this GDPR FAQ. Legally,…
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Warm Things Up with These Cold Calling Tips Colling Media

4 Cold Calling Tips to Warm Things Up

Cold calling can sometimes feel like a waste of time. It can be exhausting not getting a hold of the right person at the right time, and frustrating contacting the wrong person, or wrong type of prospect. My rule of thumb? If you can’t sell yourself on why you’re picking up the phone to begin…
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3 Tips Facebook Live Colling Media

3 Tips for Hosting a Killer Facebook Live Broadcast

So, your company has a great message to share, a mobile device, and a Facebook Page with a good number of fans and followers. You’re ready to rock out your first Facebook Live broadcast! Or are you? I’ve had the opportunity to host several Facebook live broadcasts in my social media marketing career. I have…
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