Print Advertising

Today's print ads offer up more customization and are dynamically personalized

Advertising campaigns combining printed direct mail collateral with internet advertising achieve up to a 25% higher response rate than a digital-only campaign.


Newspaper advertising is great for pushing sales. The newspaper is the largest coupon one could possibly offer so places who have regular weekly, monthly or holiday sales can benefit from newspaper advertising. Newspaper advertising is great for targeting a mature audience.


Magazine advertising is great for targeting specific lifestyles and have a greater shelf life than most print publications.  Magazines help drive sales as a stand-alone medium or as a multi-media campaign.

Direct Mail

Advertisers can target exactly who they want to reach thru the mailbox and direct mail is still proven to work for many industries. Get access to unlimited direct mail advertising opportunities with our direct mail advertising team.

Expecting better results from you print, newspaper, magazines, and direct mail campaigns?

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Print advertising isn’t for every business but it can be very effective when it's the right medium and you target the right audience with the right ad. From newspaper, direct mail, postcards, letters, flyers, magazines, journals, coupons, and even gift cards are all forms of print advertising.

Colling Media can take the guesswork out of your print advertising and streamline it for results. A print piece can engage a person, interact with a person in ways the web cannot. Print has the diversity of being able to stand alone or work with other media to create dynamic and effective multimedia marketing campaigns.

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