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Facebook Releases Live Streaming Feature Competing with Periscope

by Brian Colling - February 15, 2016

Video online has grown rapidly as broadband and mobile speeds increase, and costs go down. By 2019, online video will encompass the overwhelming majority of content on the Internet. Facebook is putting its bid into the market very early with its new live streaming feature to compete with Periscope and Meerkat. The Facebook app has the advantage of the largest social media user base globally, currently at 1.5 billion people and still growing. However, does the Facebook video streaming initiative have the technical expertise to compete with the incredibly popular Periscope from Twitter?

Facebook Live Video

The new Facebook app definitely leaves something wanting in the nomenclature department. However, Facebook has the infrastructure to build this live video directly into its core application. With no new software to download, live video technology’s implementation becomes much easier for the average video streamer.

Will Facebook Users Give Facebook Live Video a Proper Chance?

Before the application was given to the general public, Facebook marketed it by providing its use to certain A-list celebrities. The application definitely has visibility among its user base; the true measure of its worth will be its convenience, say many online marketing experts. Currently, the Facebook Live Video application is truly a real-time app that allows people to stream wherever they are and immediately upload the resulting content to a Facebook profile. Only time will tell if the functionality moves along smoothly, but the Facebook team definitely seems to have the right idea for ease-of-use.

The Competition for Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Video faces some fierce competition from Twitter’s Periscope, AOL’s Kanvas, and Meerkat. Currently, the Twitter app is the most popular of the four, bringing in over 10 million users within the first few months of its initial implementation.

All of the competitors for Facebook Live Video provide a way to place streams into Facebook easily. It will be interesting to see if Facebook’s added convenience provides its own first-party video streaming app that causes people to move to a different platform.

Uses of the Platform

Facebook hopes businesses will use Live Video for social purposes. Live Video will also easily incorporate itself into mobile apps that stand on all operating systems. Its ease of use will likely mean additional media applications and many optimization opportunities for outside websites.

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