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Before Political Season Begins, Lock in Traditional Advertising

by Brian Colling - July 31, 2015

With summer well under way and the political season right around the corner, looking into advertising early is a great way to get ahead of the election ad competition. With this being said, we’ve listed a few reasons as to why it’s important to invest in advertising before the voting games begin and dominate the media.


Still Relevant As Ever
Although many would say that the internet is quickly becoming a dominating force in the advertisement realm, formats such as television and radio still hold a strong stake in the market. Although some may complain about the high costs that come with television and radio advertisments, the rates are relatively low opposed to the political season. A big reason for this is due to politicians campaigning for every possible second of a potential viewers’ attention… and they’re willing to spend large amounts of money to do so. However, you can schedule your advertisements early to air during the campaign runs, so your commercial has full attention of the viewer since your commercial isn’t swinging a vote or tugging at heatstrings.


Radio Perks
Although many tend to gloss over radio in terms of advertisements, it remains a great source to share your message. Being less costly than the production involved for a television advertisement, radio’s simple format allows more attention to detail. Such benefits to the advertiser are:


Turnaround Time – The turnaround time is very brief, which also goes along with getting an advertisement on on air. The common timeframe of a regular radio media advertisment is about three weeks for production and only two weeks for developing a total media buy. For a small company, a radio advertisement can quickly be created and released in a day or two.

Timeliness – Given how quickly advertisements are made, this allows the advertiser to create timely commercials that resonate with current events. This allows you to plug spur of the moment deals or holiday specials.

Given the information above, it’s safe to say that advertising early is not only less costly to share the knowledge of your service, but more effective in the long run. Since political campaigns run high octane and by the minute, planning ahead not only saves you advertising expenses… but gives your potential customers a break from politics no matter who they’re voting for.


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