Radio Advertising

The Colling Media Guide to Radio Advertising

Radio advertising offers a way to reach a mass audience unique to any other advertising. However, you have to know how to reach your target market. In order to deliver effective radio commercials, you need to understand how this promotional medium works. Important Aspects of Radio Advertising You need to have a well-produced commercial –…

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Pandora Radio – Advertising on Internet Radio

Pandora radio is a pretty interesting product. In general, Internet radio is also a very interesting product. Unlike traditional radio in which you are paying for different day parts and trying to always figure out what is most efficient time of the day to buy radio What genre of music? Who is my target audience…

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Unique Advantages of Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is once again on the rise. After showing a nearly 8 percent grow rate in 2010 and 2011 radio advertisers are once again dedicating increasing budgets to marketing over the radio airwaves in 2012. Even in the internet age, radio advertising is still seen as a highly effective and viable marketing medium. Why? Simply…

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