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Internship Program

Offering a real experience inside a professional advertising agency.

What's Colling Media Internship Program All About?

The goal of the Colling Media Internship Program is to be an extension of the college classroom. It's a unique opportunity for helping students apply classroom education in a professional work environment and assisting students in gaining significant work experience related to his or her career choice. Colling Media values opportunities to meet new advertising and marketing talent and build relationships with Phoenix-area universities and college students while expanding our understanding of the modern college experience. An internship with Colling Media is more than a part-time job or volunteer position, it's a supervised work experience increasing a student’s understanding of advertising agency life through relevant, impactful projects.

2019 Summer Internships


Angela D'Amico

Account Coordination

2018 Summer Internships


Maureen van Dobben

Web Design/Programming


Yezen Jaber


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