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Facebook releases live streaming feature competing with Periscope

Video online has grown rapidly as broadband and mobile speeds increase and costs go down. By 2019, online video will encompass the overwhelming majority of content on the Internet. Facebook is putting its bid into the market very early with its new live streaming feature that is meant to compete with Periscope and Meerkat. The Facebook app has…

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How the Google Quality Score Update Impacts Advertisers


Any shakeup is bound to make some people happy and upset others. This is the case with Google’s May algorithm revision, which some have named the “Quality Update.” Google hasn’t shared much about exactly how the algorithm has changed and whom it affects, but it has said the algorithm is unbiased – i.e. it’s not…

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8 Ways You Can Use Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Facebook ads account

Facebook advertising is a great way to reach targeted demographics. Some businesses use Facebook targeting to advertise products on a national or international level. For others, the local approach is more appropriate for their business. These entrepreneurs may want to corner the market in a certain city, suburb or neighborhood and Facebook has made doing so easier…

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Boost Leads & Conversion Rates with Call Tracking & Monitoring

Successful marketing campaigns are challenging to perfect, particularly given the rigorous competition most companies face when promoting their brand. In order for your marketing campaign to be effective, you need to utilize the most cutting edge promotional tactics that will launch your company into the limelight and significantly enhance your leads and conversion rates. Call…

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