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Local and National Radio Advertising

Radio today reaches more than 90% of people in the U.S. on a weekly basis.

A comprehensive turnkey approach to producing tangible radio advertising results.

Radio Advertising Services

Local Radio

Radio Advertising is an effective medium for advertisers to engage listeners in a one-on-one environment. Colling Media has experience buying nationally and up to 50 local markets at a time focused on driving tangible results.

Satellite Radio

Satellite radio provides massive reach with millions of subscription based weekly listeners. Sirius-XM is a cost effective medium for national advertisers looking for direct response results. Colling Media is premiere advertising agency with over 30 years of combined media optimization with Sirius-XM Radio.

Digital Radio

Digital Radio combines the mass reach of radio with the tracking and target-ability of digital advertising.  Colling Media goes beyond just placing digital radio buys and maximizes ROI by tracking, re-targeting, and differentiates between click thru and view thru conversions.


Colling Media has helped many advertisers obtain lucrative endorsements with on-air personalities, professional athletes and celebrities.  Radio endorsements help build brand equity, credibility, and have proven to drive ROI by associating your brand with superstar status.

Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Radio Advertising

  • Radio is Local
  • Radio ads can be extremely creative
  • Radio listening is habitual
  • Radio ads stand out
  • Radio sells with immediacy.
  • Radio is the cost-effective medium
  • Reach is nice, and frequency sells
  • Radio sells everywhere

Partner with an Experienced Radio Advertising Agency

Advertise with a medium that can reach your audience anywhere, any time.

Radio advertising represents a combination of commercials, endorsements, and promotions in the form of terrestrial, satellite and digital radio.  Radio Ads generally come in the form of 15, 30, and 60 second spots. Radio is a great medium to reach targeted audiences demographically with station genres.  Radio is an effective way to drive sales while it reaches people while they are out of their home. With the right mix of reach and frequency your message can make an impact on one of the only free to the consumer media’s still available.

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