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Colling Media Receives Seven 2023 AZIMA TIM Awards Recognizing Top-Performing Campaigns

by Colling Media - November 15, 2023

Arizona Marketing Innovation Association (AZIMA) TIM Awards Recognize Arizona’s ‘Best and Brightest’ Digital Marketers

Colling Media, one of the fastest-growing Phoenix, AZ advertising agencies, is pleased to announce it has received seven 2023 AZIMA TIM awards spanning five categories. The marketing industry recognition brings the agency’s total award count to 21 since its first submission in 2016.

Email Marketing Campaign: Excellence

The approach to email marketing for a transportation insurance and surety service brand targeting transportation carriers produced a 63% increase in open rates and an incredible 6,566.6% spike in click-through rates. A simplified yet strategic approach using MailChimp was implemented, blending engaging images, concise text, and compelling calls to action.

Another winning campaign targeted Marketing Directors at post-secondary educational institutions. Utilizing HubSpot CRM and the innovative Humantic AI DISC profiles, Colling Media personalized content to resonate with each recipient. The meticulous strategy led to a 48% increase in open rates and a 10% rise in click-through rates.

Integrated Consumer Campaigns: Mastery

The campaign for a leading music school, is a prime example of effective integrated consumer marketing. By leveraging a mix of programmatic display, Meta ads, TikTok, Google ads, and YouTube, the campaign generated 9,000 leads in Q1, with website visits surging by 34,000 and impressions by 7.8 million. This multi-platform approach not only raised awareness but also sustained engagement.

The remarketing campaign for a leading nail lacquer eCommerce brand, targeting site visitors and cart abandoners, achieved significant results in paid social and search efforts. The campaign generated revenues of $1.9 million and $3.3 million from social and search channels respectively, with an 689% return on ad spend (ROAS). Programmatic display generated $86,000 in revenue with a ROAS of 247%.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Excellence

The SEO strategy for a leading nail lacquer eCommerce brand, focused on enhancing product and collection pages with rich metadata and keyword-focused descriptions. The results: a 46.8% increase in revenue, a 33.3% rise in transactions, and a 20% surge in website users. The blog content also performed exceptionally, contributing significantly to the brand’s online visibility and revenue.

Social Influencer Marketing: Excellence

The influencer campaign for a national vehicle cleaning product company, featuring YouTuber Mike Finnegan, showcased the power of influencer marketing today. The video garnered 250,000 views and 10,000 likes in just three weeks, boosting both ad spend and sales on Amazon by about 50%. This strategy effectively raised brand awareness and opened new avenues for customer engagement.

Search Marketing (PPC): Excellence

The Google Ads campaign for a leading nail lacquer eCommerce brand is a standout in search marketing. Integrating Shopping and Brand strategies, the campaign achieved a monthly return on ad spend (ROAS) exceeding 1700%, fueling revenue growth and enhancing brand awareness and loyalty.

Recognizing the Best in Digital Marketing

The AZIMA TIM Awards, named after Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, acknowledged father of the World Wide Web, bring together Arizona’s best and brightest digital marketers to celebrate the work completed between July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023. Colling Media’s success at these awards underscores its ability to blend creativity with data-driven strategies to further the mission of helping people succeed through better advertising results.

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