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Unique Advantages of Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

The demise of radio has been over exaggerated for decades. Radio remains a strong and productive medium for all advertisers who use it. Here are the unique advantages of radio advertising: Reach Radio advertising is here stay because radio is the leading reach platform: 93% of us listen to AM/FM radio over the airwaves. Radio…

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8 Lead Magnet Ideas for Better Lead Generation

What is a Lead Magnet? A lead magnet is a piece of content that is designed to entice potential customers to fill out a form and give you a lead. The term is a hand-me-down from old cop dramas where detectives would publicly offer a reward to exchange for information on a case. If you want…

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8 Common Mistakes Companies Make Executing PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Hiring someone to handle your PPC campaign is an expense that may seem hard to justify. Yet running an effective PPC campaign is not as simple as it looks in YouTube tutorials. Marketing Charts estimates a full quarter most PPC budget is wasted due to poor practices. indicates companies can make 70 percent more…

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14 Best Practices for High Converting Landing Pages

14 Best Practices for Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the best tools for marketing to multiple target markets through various inbound lead channels. Some of the most common channels used to bring traffic into a landing page include email marketing campaigns, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, traditional media (radio, print, or tv), display ads, or rich media ads. 14 Best Practices…

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What is GDPR and What Does It Mean to Your Business?

What is GDPR and What Does It Mean to My Business_

We’ve discovered there is a lot of confusion around the soon-to-be-implemented GDPR rules. So, to help you become more familiar with how you can protect your business from getting blindsided by a letter from the European Union explaining why you may owe it a large sum of money, we’ve put together this FAQ. Legally, we…

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Interactive Dashboards with Data Studio & BigQuery

Analytics - Data Studio and BigQuery

The US Federal Elections Commission (FEC) has been publishing Political Campaign Finance data for years, but they haven’t made it easy to explore their data. Luckily, Google Data Studio and BigQuery are making it easier than ever to explore large datasets like the ones published by the FEC. In this article, you will learn how to use Google’s latest…

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Programmatic TV Advertising Opportunities Are Here

Programmatic TV Advertising

Digital programmatic advertising is now a full two-thirds of all digital transactions. Now that programmatic has expanded into the traditional advertising space, i.e. TV, savvy companies are looking for ways to automate their ad buying while more precise targeting and analyzing the results those ads bring. TV has yet to feel the full effect of programmatic…

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Google States its Top 3 Ranking Signals

Getting a better search ranking is one of the things that companies have been chasing since the invention of the internet. The higher you rank, the more clicks you get and the more exposure your website gets. During the mid-2000s, the idea of search engine optimization became an entire field of expertise. Back then, search…

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How to Leverage Social Media for Local SEO

One of the things that local brands struggle with is the ability to compete with national companies for precious search engine spots. However, the good news is that local brands thrive on social media outlets. Places like Facebook, Twitter, and other sites are the easiest way to spread a brand message to the right local…

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Google AdWords Update Produces More Relevant Bids

Google AdWords Bid Update

New Strategy Allows Businesses to “Set More Relevant Bids” The business world was thrown a potential curveball recently when Google recently revamped its AdWords bid system for DSA (dynamic search ad) categories. While the new strategy may take some getting used to, the Adwords announcement noted that it was created to meet a demand for…

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