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Colling Media Uses Data Attribution Models to Solve Transportation Recruitment Issues

by Colling Media - March 20, 2023

Colling Media Uses Data Attribution Models to Solve Transportation Recruitment Issues

Colling Media, one of Arizona’s fastest-growing advertising agencies, is proving data attribution modeling is redefining how businesses recruit. As hiring managers struggle to meet staffing needs, attribution helps refine the path to hiring and enables employers to connect directly with desired candidates.

Many businesses are struggling to hire the right number of qualified employees to fill vital business needs. Our team is excited by the opportunity to leverage attribution modeling to drive a higher volume of quality candidates, and help recruiting partners make huge gains in meeting staffing goals,” said Doug Campbell, President of Colling Media.

Advanced Marketing Strategies to Solve Recruitment Issues

A transportation company sought to optimize its recruitment process for experienced drivers in order to increase sagging hiring efficiency. The trucking company had heavily been recruiting drivers with less than six months of over-the-road experience or without credentials and struggling to meet an aggressive hiring demand. Colling Media partnered with the company to connect data from the hiring platform to tie offline quality signals from recruiters to focus optimizations on the highest-value recruits.

PPC Solutions for Finding Experienced Job Leads

Colling Media leveraged key digital job search behaviors to implement value-based bidding in paid search, resulting in a 36% increase in experienced leads on a month-to-month basis and a 57% increase in short-form submissions over a four-month period.

The agency added additional form fields to the lead acquisition funnel, helping optimize online conversion, and driving a lift in the overall quality of the qualified candidates. By prioritizing experienced drivers, the company was able to meet hiring needs, and drastically reduce the demand for trainers and costly training programs while onboarding drivers quicker and more efficiently.

“Working with companies to recruit top talent exemplifies our mission of helping people succeed. Creating attribution models to efficiently meet hiring goals ensures our partners identify qualified candidates looking for great careers with fantastic companies.”

Brian Colling, CEO of Colling Media

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