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What the Google Adwords Redesign Means for Advertisers

Google Adwords

Google announced in March that it was launching a major redesign of its 15-year old Adwords functionality; the last time the tool was updated was 2008. With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, the desktop functionality just is no longer optimal anymore for advertisers who want to place content in searches, videos, shopping and mobile browsing.…

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Content mapping for search engine optimization

Every business should optimize its online content to properly match up to each stage of the buyer’s journey. Merely generating high-quality content and rolling it out as it is created will not suffice. The most successful businesses generate the right type of content at the appropriate times to maximize conversions. The Importance of Content Mapping…

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What is AMP and why do you need it?

AMP is a solution to a problem, and that problem is poor mobile development. Despite there being numerous and detailed best practices from the likes of Google itself, most companies continue to have very, very poor mobile practices. Mobile optimization is a mixed bag, and mobile consumers (which is, increasingly, the majority of consumers) continue…

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The Ins and Outs of Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager gives webmasters an easy and flexible method of managing tags — those tiny bits of code that let the marketing experts determine the habits and actions of visitors. Introduced by the search engine giant in 2005, it’s become an invaluable tool that small businesses can use to solidify their digital marketing efforts.…

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How Google Drive Can Put Your Marketing Campaign Into Overdrive

Just about any project that requires a great deal of collaboration between two or more offices will benefit from using Google Drive. If you’re wondering whether or not Google Drive can help you run your marketing campaigns, the short answer is- absolutely. Why it’s Great Google Drive is similar to its predecessor Dropbox in that…

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