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F8 2019 Recap – New Features to WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram

by Brian Colling - May 09, 2019

New Features to WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram

At F8, Mark Zuckerberg presented lots of new redesigns and changes to the Facebook stable of social media apps. WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram all have new features.

WhatsApp – Creating a new product catalog for business. Business owners can communicate privately with customers and update with current products and services.


FB 5 – Completely redesigned app will be white on all phones. New website design is coming with the option of white or black backgrounds. “light” and “dark” modes by end of year

Facebook new white look
Facebook new night look

Messenger App – (1) Appointment booking API is going to be available for all developers for instant booking, real-time availability, and reminders. (2) Bringing lead generation templates to Facebook messenger ads.

Messenger App

Instagram – Check out right in the app. When someone clicks on an ad for a product we can now lead them to a secure checkout on Instagram.

Instagram check out

Donate to a charity right in the story app directly in the Instagram app.

Instagram donation

Facebook Groups and Pages – Can now post things for sale in the marketplace and ship them to customers. Not just for locals anymore. You can also now checkout directly on Facebook.

Facebook groups

You can now apply for a job directly on the job group page. You can also apply and follow up by messaging the employer.

New Updates to Facebook

“The future is private”

Updates to Potential Reach

Improvements for estimating Potential Reach helps you run better, more effective campaigns. It will now be based on the number of people who have been shown an ad on a Facebook service in the last 30 days, depending on the selected audience and placement criteria.

Facebook potential reach

Ad Relevance Diagnostics

We’re replacing relevance score with ad relevance diagnostics — based on quality, engagement rate, and conversion rate rankings — to give you clearer, more actionable insights on your ads.

Facebook Ad relevance

Updates to Ad Metrics

As part of our efforts to improve our ad offerings, 7 ad metrics will be removed or replaced to give you a clearer understanding of your ad campaigns.

Facebook ad metrics

Interactivity in Instagram Stories Ads

Now, you can add polling stickers to your Instagram Stories ads to get more people engaging with your brand — just like organic Instagram Stories.

Introducing Facebook Showcase

Facebook Showcase is a new premium video ad program that gives advertisers first access to Facebook’s most engaging, high-quality video inventory. It’s reservable upfront at a fixed cost, with an option to bill on Nielsen Target Rating Points.

Collaborative Ads

Collaborative ads make it simple and safe for retailers to let brands run performance marketing campaigns for their products, driving sales on the retailer’s website or mobile app.

Facebook collaborative ads

Automotive Inventory Ads

Automatically promote your entire inventory of vehicles to the most relevant audience, across any device.

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