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Forecasting the Impact of Google’s Gemini for Marketers

by Colling Media - December 15, 2023

Forecasting the Impact of Google’s Gemini for Marketers

Google is making waves with Gemini, its latest and most capable multimodal AI model. But hold your applause – some elements in the promotional video were, let’s say, ‘enhanced for effect’. This blip aside, the message is clear: AI is evolving rapidly, offering more dynamic ways to engage with technology. For marketers, it’s time to embrace AI’s potential. Don’t get left behind, as this tech shapes the future of customer interaction.

Meta is Suing the FTC Over Enforcement Policies

A legal drama unfolds as Meta sues the FTC. Meta’s claim? That the FTC’s enforcement action is unconstitutional. The lawsuit follows a trend of challenges against government regulations, especially those impacting advertisers. The outcome could reshape the landscape of advertising and privacy rules. It’s a crucial watch for marketers, hinting at potential shifts in navigating the digital ad space.

Studies Show Relationship between Consumers and Small Business Stories

GoDaddy reports that 65% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business if they know its backstory. Yet, a surprising 1 in 5 small companies aren’t sharing them. The takeaway? Authenticity sells. Sharing your journey isn’t just nice – it’s a business advantage. 

A notable mention: Gen Z and Millennials are keen on supporting small businesses if they match the convenience of bigger chains. The message is clear: blend convenience with your unique story to win these key demographics’ hearts (and wallets).

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