Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website improves rankings, traffic, and conversions

SEO has become a must-have online marketing tactic because of how consumers look for products, services, and information.

Website Audits

A website audit is a deep dive into the technical elements that influence Google's rankings, with clear steps to improvement.

Backlink Building

Toxic backlinks are identified, so they may be removed.  Other patterns are exposed, allowing for clear strategies toward improvement.

Keyword Research

Keyword research uncovers what you are currently ranking for vs. what you want to be ranking for. Then a strategy focused on targeting early wins to get you back on track.

Website SEO

By mapping websites, we uncover competing page for similar keyword phrases, and properly align your website so visitors land on the most appropriate page.

Local Search SEO

We claim, verify, and SEO your local directory listing to make your company visible to customers searching for you, from 1 to 100+ locations.

Mobile SEO

Having a great desktop website is great. An unresponsive mobile website could be a conversion problem. We test and evaluate your current mobile presence, and then improve it so it ranks properly.

Video SEO

SEO works on websites as well as videos posted on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. We apply best practices your videos get proper exposure.

SEO Reporting

We test, analyze, and optimize (TAO) all areas of media from creative, audiences and deliverables. Our team is dynamic based on delivering results.

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Search Engines determine how or if your customers and potential customers find your business, your products, and your services. The rules of online search are always changing and it's imperative to keep pace with them.

A solid SEO strategy is key to keep your search ranking, website traffic, and digital conversions where you want them. Colling Media is an SEO agency with search professionals who know how to get the most out of your SEO budget.

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