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10 Tools For Understanding Website Engagement

by Brian Colling - September 21, 2015

10 Tools For Understanding Website Engagement

Every business needs to understand its customer. In today’s day and age, we have the ability to monitor, analyze and optimize our customer’s engagement in a way never before possible. Monitoring our customer engagement on your website can have valuable insights into your business and if harnessed can lead to increased sales and a better customer experience while engaging with your brand. Below are 14 tools that can help with understanding your user engagement.

Tool #1: Matomo

Also, open source, is a popular alternative to the Google Analytics program.  Use it as a self-hosted app for free or pay for it to be hosted.  It is easy to operate and understand and configuring the various views and widgets is simple.

Tool #2: StatCounter

This one has been around for a while and it is ugly but still useful.  Developers must have spent more time on the actual function of this than the presentation and it shows.

Tool #3: W3Counter

W3Counter is free and has a design that is delightful.  The dashboard is user-friendly with real-time stats and will even show you the regional areas your visitors are in as well as let you know which pages they start and end with.

Tool #4:  MarketingCharts

This is a great place to go to make those charts that marketing professionals look to in order to get the latest data and trends.

Tool #5: Chartbeat

At Chartbeat you will get a live view of any visitors as well as what they are doing on your site along with platform info and physical location.

Tool #6: Gauges

Gives you all of the pertinent and relevant info you need without any of the clutter. This system is a great “real-time” analytics system that can be utilized alongside google analytics. This platform makes data easier to understand and take action on.

Tool #7:  GoSquared

Easy to use interface that is divided into three sections: e-commerce data, historical data, and live stats. One of this system’s most useful tools is the ability to understand the people who come to your site with their people analytics. It’s a very cool tool and gets into the psychology of your website visitors which empowers you to make better marketing decisions.

Tool #8:  Google Analytics

This will give you the information you need to make business and marketing decisions based on how people interact with your website. Easily the Internet’s most utilized analytic software. Google Analytics allows for many types of integration with many different platforms and 3rd party data making this FREE analytics software imperative for any business owner.

Tool #9: Heat Maps

Allows you to see which parts of your site are hot and which parts aren’t getting too much attention. You can view click heat maps and scroll heat maps that allow you to see how your web traffic is engaging with your site content. This tool is great for usability optimization and conversion rate optimization.

Tool #10: Crazy Egg

Allows you to visualize what your visitors are doing.  What they click on and how long they stay there are parts of what you can get from this program. This system also has scroll heat maps but expands on these capabilities into many other forms like confetti and other heat map tracking. This system will empower you to optimize your conversion rate and usability with great accuracy.

By using these tools…one at a time or in combination, you will be able to effectively determine exactly how users engage with your website.

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