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Boost Leads & Conversion Rates with Call Tracking & Monitoring

by Brian Colling - September 18, 2015

Boost Lead Quality & Conversion Rates with Call Tracking

Successful marketing campaigns are challenging to perfect, particularly given the rigorous competition most companies face when promoting their brand. For your marketing campaign to be effective, you need to utilize the most cutting-edge promotional tactics that will launch your company into the limelight and significantly enhance your leads and conversion rates. Call tracking allows businesses to automatically document every ad click that leads to phone calls, enabling businesses to determine which keywords effectively produce conversions from advertisements. This allows you to design your marketing campaign around your most effective keywords, increasing your leads and conversions while boosting your clientele.

What Does Call Tracking Software Do?

Call tracking software provides businesses with a way to collect the analytic data behind every phone call. It tracks each conversion produced from ad clicks, the keywords that led to the ad click, and records each phone call, so you can listen in as needed. By analyzing this data, you can ascertain each lead and conversion’s precise source, thereby concentrating your marketing efforts on the most fruitful aspects of the campaign.

What Are the Benefits?

By collecting data from each phone call, you can hone in on your marketing strategy to determine what is working and what isn’t, allowing you to improve and optimize your marketing tactics perpetually.

Call tracking and monitoring will enable you to:

Boost client conversion rates. By tracking and monitoring calls, you can significantly increase your conversion rates, thereby reducing both the time and money invested in your campaign. Call tracking provides a clear outline of your marketing strategy’s beneficial and superficial aspects, enabling you to eliminate ineffective keywords and focus your efforts on the keywords that generate the most conversions. This will allow you to design your marketing campaign to eliminate wasteful aspects strategically to reach more consumers in less time.

Reduce money spent. If your marketing strategy lacks direction, you will end up wasting considerably more money trying to reach your target demographic. By gathering the analytics from phone calls, you can pinpoint exactly where your marketing strategy has been most effective, enabling you to streamline your approach to target your campaign’s most effective areas specifically. This will reduce your marketing costs while increasing your return on investment.

It can be combined with your current analytic software. By integrating call tracking with your current analytic software program, you can create a much more comprehensive and complete map of your marketing campaign, enabling you to adjust the campaign as needed easily.

You can record calls. If phone calls are not creating the desired returns, tracking software enables you to record all incoming calls, so you can listen to the phone calls later and, more accurately, determine where your marketing strategy is struggling.

Call tracking enables you to receive up-to-date data on your marketing campaign’s success, allowing you to refine your campaign by identifying and eliminating ineffective aspects. By tracking and monitoring all calls for your marketing campaign, you can gain the insight needed to hone in on the specific keywords generating the most returns. This will allow you to access a wider network of consumers for less money while increasing your conversions and leads.  At Colling Media, we utilize call tracking all the way down to the keyword level so we can monitor call quality and optimize based on quality calls. This level of detail and execution can tremendously boost your current results.

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