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The 4 C's of Building a Remarketing Campaign

by Brian Colling - May 22, 2016

The 4 C’s of Building a Remarketing Campaign

A successful remarketing campaign integrates these concepts: context, cookie duration, creative and content, in a way that encourages previous visitors to come back and add value to your business. Whether they end up making a purchase or turning into a lead, the less efficient you are with your budget, the more valuable each returning visitor will be to your site. In order to do this, it is important to have a strong understanding of what makes up the 4 C’s of a remarketing campaign.

Context of the Ad

Getting your advertisement seen in a natural setting is important for your conversion rate. Typically, you will have better luck marketing a credit card processing service when a potential customer at information regarding point-of-sale hardware and software as opposed to a fantasy football website. You should be able to adjust where your ads show up by using keywords and filters, allowing you to bid on ad impressions according to how relevant they are to your product.

Cookie Duration

As time goes on, the likelihood that a visitor is going to convert into a customer drops with each day that passes after their first visit. Targeting someone with a one-day cookie duration might mean bidding aggressively for impressions aimed at that group since a repeat visit is more likely within 24 hours. Longer-duration cookies usually call for a smaller CPM bid since a visitor will probably not be coming back to your website once they see the ad again and decide to ignore it.

Creative Design

Deciding what type of creative to use depends a lot on your target audience and what you are promoting. A flashy graphic that catches people’s attention will more than likely get a significant number of clicks, but your conversion rate may be very low since people were strictly curious about the ad copy. On the other hand, text-based ads might have low CTRs but high conversion rates since the visitor knows exactly what they are getting into and are interested.

Content of Your Website

While you do not have to categorize every single page for a remarketing campaign, it does help to segment your bidding in such a way that it reflects the visitor’s likelihood to convert depending on the type of page they visited. You will probably be bidding more for an impression served to someone who has visited your checkout page as opposed to someone who landed on your home page and bounced off relatively quickly.

Putting all four of these concepts together can help you build a successful remarketing campaign, especially when you are trying to build interest in a product or service.

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