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5 Tools for Analyzing Your Competitors' Marketing

by Brian Colling - October 08, 2015

Great Tools for Analyzing Your Competitors’ Marketing

To design a successful online marketing campaign, you need accurate data about your website’s performance and competitors’ marketing efforts. This will help you identify the most effective digital advertising strategies. Services like Email Insights, SEMrush, SpyFu, GinzaMetrics, and Quantcast can deliver this vital information. Each tool provides competitive insights on topics ranging from visitor demographics to rivals’ email marketing strategies.

Tool #1: GinzaMetrics

This service can analyze your website’s search engine optimization and supply reports on competitors’ marketing activities. It may help you quickly counter a rival’s new SEO or social media strategy. The GinzaMetrics system also offers advice on fine-tuning your website coding and content for higher search rankings. You can sign up for a free demonstration before you decide to pay for the service.

Tool #2: Quantcast

This company delivers free data on website visitor demographics. It tracks users’ activities across numerous domains to ascertain their ages, income levels, political affiliations, and other details. You may view information about your own website or competitors’ sites on the public profile pages. For example, the Quantcast page about estimates its users’ educational, racial, and gender demographics, media interests, shopping interests, business & occupations, political interests, and more!

Tool #3: SEMrush

This firm supplies information on over 120 million search keywords and 46 million websites. MarketingCharts data shows that SEMrush is the most popular non-Google keyword tool for online marketers. It can produce reports on a competitor’s marketing and SEO efforts, inbound linking, video promotions, or paid advertisements. For example, one function compares high-ranking keywords in two different domains.

Tool #4: SpyFu

This pay-per-click tracking and keyword research tool provide competitive insights into rivals’ organic search and Google AdWords promotions. For instance, it has the ability to disclose all of its AdWords PPC keywords as well as every advertisement they’ve used in nine years. SpyFu can help you see what promotional strategies work and what techniques have been abandoned by others. Their Kombat report mashes up your domain vs. 3 competitors to view overlap on SEO and PPC keywords. This report also shows you what keywords they are targeting that you are not which can be a very useful and valuable report for digital marketers.

Tool #5: Email

Unlike the above-mentioned services, this marketing tool solely focuses on email marketing. It lets you discover when rivals send their newsletters and what titles they use. You can browse archives of other firms’ messages as well. This makes it easier to recognize successful strategies and optimize the timing of your mailings. You may sign up for a one-month trial at no cost. This is a great tool for understanding not only what your competitors are doing regarding email marketing but also what is working.

As SearchEngineWatch points out, you can get started by using SEMrush to identify top online competitors and learn about their Web advertising campaigns. GinzaMetrics will help you optimize your pages for the best results, while SpyFu and Email Insights give you the data needed to develop better ad titles, email headlines, and META tags. Quantcast’s information is useful for targeting relevant demographic groups. We use these tools along with others to build our client’s campaigns and utilize our insights to achieve better results for our clients.

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Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Unsplash

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