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TikTok Launches New Ad Library, Text-Only Posts, and Uber Pushes New Limits of Advertisers

by Colling Media - August 11, 2023

TikTok Launches New Ad Library, Text-Only Posts, and Uber Pushes New Limits of Advertisers

TikTok launches new ad library then joins the Threads & Twitter/X conversation with text-only posts and Uber adds over 50k advertisers.

TikTok Launches A Brand New Ad Library

TikTok unveiled a brand-new ad library. Why is this a game-changer? It offers agencies and brands an invaluable peek into what competitors are up to. Dive deep into creative strategies, run dates, targeting methods, and even impressions. Knowledge is power, and this tool just supercharged your marketing arsenal.

TikTok Dives into Text-Only Posts Joining the Threads & Twitter Conversation

TikTok is also diving into the text-only posts, joining the Threads & Twitter/X conversation. If GenZ’s love for TikTok is anything to go by, and if they truly crave text-only content, then TikTok might just overshadow X & Threads’ initial advantage. It’s a reminder to always listen to what the audience truly wants.

Uber Adding New Advertisers Poses Big Opportunities for Programmatic Platforms

Uber added 50k advertisers last quarter, pushing its total close to 400k. Why should you care? This fresh ad experience is set to pierce through previous ad blindness. And with inventory available programmatically, platforms like The Trade Desk can now harness enhanced targeting and measurement capabilities. It’s a testament to the fact that video advertising is breaking boundaries, moving beyond just your TV screen.

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