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AI, Amazon Prime Day, and OTT’s Performance Create New Marketing Opportunities

by Colling Media - July 26, 2023

AI, Amazon Prime Day, and OTT’s Performance Create New Marketing Opportunities

The fight between Zuck and Musk moves from social to AI, Prime Day sets new records, and OTT growth opens up new opportunities for marketers on this week’s marketing minute.

New AI Offerings from Zuckerberg and Musk

The battle between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk has spilled over from Threads vs Twitter into AI as Meta expands access to LLaMA and Elon announced the launch of xAI. Just like the dot-com boom, we expect to see a glut of new AI offerings, likely leading to carnage and consolidations over the next few years.

Amazon Prime Day’s Lasting Impact on Retailers

This year, Prime Day, the Black Friday for e-commerce, brought in over $12.7 billion dollars in top-line revenue on the back of massive demand and large discounts. Meanwhile, Target and Walmart ran longer specials at the same time trying to increase online shopping and  BOPIS. Is this just a couple of large players trying to cut losses around Prime Day? Or the start of a larger trend where Americans should expect Christmas in July from every brand?

OTT and CTV Increased Performance Presents Opportunities for Marketers

As cord-cutting continues, free video-on-demand platforms are making significant headway. In a recent survey, two-thirds of OTT users said content is improving on free services, and nearly 4 in 5 regularly watch content from ad-supported platforms. This increase in OTT and CTV usage is a huge opportunity for marketers looking to take advantage of growing programmatic inventory. Which is especially important given research indicating 18-34-year-olds view brands advertising on OTT as more relevant and premium than brands seen on traditional TV. 

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