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Amazon & Meta Team Up, TTD Sees CTV Drop, Custom GPTs added by OpenAI

by Colling Media - November 17, 2023

Amazon & Meta Team Up, TTD Sees CTV Drop, Custom GPTs added by OpenAI

Amazon Collaborates with Meta

Recent reports suggest that Amazon and Meta are close to announcing a new partnership. In the face of Bytedance’s recent moves with TikTok Shop, Meta and Amazon are working on collaboration allowing users to purchase items through Amazon from within the Facebook and Instagram apps. It will be interesting to see if this will lead to improved conversion tracking so that brands can more effectively measure the impact of Meta ads on Amazon sales.

Trade Desk sees drop in CTV

The Trade Desk issued a warning about a recent drop in CTV advertising spends. Analysts suggest the drop is mostly in mobile, in-banner, and lower-end CTV inventory, while demand for premium inventory and traditional video remains strong. This could lead to a drop in CPMs across in-app and in-banner video inventory, making those strong options for brands looking to increase reach or frequency with compelling video assets.

Open AI introduces custom GPTs

Open AI is rolling out tools to allow users to create custom GPTs that have all the language fluency of AIs like ChatGPT. This should give companies the ability to teach a GPT the details of products, services, and industry. Since these bots already know how to hold a conversation, giving them training on a company’s internal knowledge base should pave the way for improved AI-based tech support and customer service. 

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