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Case Study: Dazzle Dry Google Ads Campaign, ROAS over 1700%

by Colling Media - May 30, 2024


In an increasingly competitive beauty industry, Dazzle Dry sought to elevate its market presence and drive sales through an innovative digital marketing strategy. Our agency was tasked with designing and executing a Google Ads campaign that would not only increase visibility and sales but also enhance brand recognition and customer engagement.


Enhance Product Visibility: Increase the visibility of Dazzle Dry products through optimized Google Shopping ads.

Drive Sales and ROAS: Achieve a significant return on ad spend by converting clicks into purchases.

Strengthen Brand Identity:¬†Utilize Brand campaigns to enhance Dazzle Dry’s market presence and foster deeper customer relationships.


The campaign strategy was to integrate Google Shopping and Brand campaigns seamlessly, utilizing:

Optimized Product Listings: Each product listing was meticulously optimized for maximum visibility and appeal.

Captivating Ad Creatives: Developed engaging ad creatives highlighting Dazzle Dry’s unique value propositions.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Employed a rigorous data analysis approach to continuously refine and optimize the campaigns based on performance metrics and consumer behavior insights.


Shopping Campaigns: Focused on showcasing a wide range of Dazzle Dry products directly in search results, making it easy for potential customers to view and purchase products.

Brand Campaigns: Aimed to tell the Dazzle Dry story, these campaigns enhanced brand recognition and differentiated the brand in the marketplace.

Bid Optimization: Utilized advanced bidding strategies to maximize ad spend efficiency during peak performance periods.


The Dazzle Dry Google Ads Shopping and Brand campaign delivered impressive outcomes:

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Achieved an average monthly ROAS of over 1700%, significantly exceeding initial projections.

Revenue Growth: Substantial increase in revenue, directly attributable to the optimized ad campaigns.

Brand Engagement: Marked increase in brand awareness, as evidenced by higher impression counts and click-through rates.

Customer Engagement: Enhanced engagement metrics with notable increases in positive customer interactions and user-generated content.


The Dazzle Dry campaign is a prime example of how a well-coordinated digital marketing strategy can result in extraordinary gains in both economic and branding terms. By integrating Shopping and Brand campaigns, we boosted immediate conversions and laid a strong foundation for long-term brand loyalty. This case study underscores our agency’s ability to leverage creative and strategic approaches to deliver outstanding results in digital advertising.

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