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Case Study: Musicians Institute, Lead Gen jumps to 9,000

by Colling Media - May 15, 2024


Musicians Institute (MI), located in the heart of Hollywood, California, embarked on an ambitious integrated marketing campaign to enhance its brand presence and attract more students. Recognizing the competitive landscape of music education, MI leveraged a blend of digital strategies to achieve its goals.


Increase student applications and enrollments.

Boost website traffic and engagement.

Expand overall brand exposure within the target market.


To meet these objectives, MI crafted a diverse and dynamic marketing strategy utilizing multiple digital platforms and advertising techniques:

Programmatic Display Ads: Targeted potential students interested in music education during key decision-making times.

Meta Ads: Focused on promoting Open House events to local prospective students and their families.

TikTok Campaigns: Used to build brand awareness among younger audiences with engaging, music-focused content.

Google Ads: Aimed at capturing interest from bottom-funnel prospects actively searching for music schools.

YouTube Remarketing: Kept MI top of mind through strategic ads that re-engaged visitors to the school’s website.


The integrated marketing campaign delivered exceptional results across various metrics:

Lead Generation: Jumped to 9,000 in Q1, slightly decreasing to 8,950 by Q4, demonstrating sustained interest and effective targeting.

Website Traffic: Saw an increase of 34,000 visits in Q1 compared to the previous Q4, indicating increased interest and engagement with MI’s offerings.

Brand Exposure: Impressions increased by 7.8 million from Q4, showcasing the campaign’s wide reach and visibility.


MI’s strategic use of diverse digital platforms and advertising tactics not only fulfilled but exceeded its marketing objectives. The campaign’s success underscores the effectiveness of a well-coordinated, integrated marketing approach in enhancing brand presence and driving substantial results in student engagement and enrollment. This case study demonstrates how tailored digital strategies can transform interest into action, particularly in the competitive arts education sector.

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