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Home Services Finding Success Combining Digital & Traditional Marketing

by Brian Colling - July 12, 2015

Today’s most successful home service companies understand the important role digital marketing plays in getting inbound leads. Unfortunately, there are still some people who believe investing money in online efforts means having to cut tried and true traditional methods. The truth is, the most effective solution is to use a combination of both traditional and digital marketing campaigns.

Traditional channels (radio, television, outdoor, print) still have high success rates. This makes these platforms a viable option when launching campaigns. By using both traditional and digital efforts you can reach a much wider audience.

According to Marketing Charts, companies are projected to increase their TV advertising spending up to $81 billion and digital marketing spending up to $83.9 billion by 2019. Spending on radio advertising is also expected to increase up to $18.1 billion by 2019.

Here are some ways that home service companies have found success by combining digital and traditional channels:

Use Marketing Channels to Complement Each Other

Traditional channels allow you to reach a broad audience, which digital channels allow you to focus on a specific target audience. Because of this, it’s possible to launch campaigns in one platform that complements the other. Home service companies often use television or radio advertising to give consumers information about their services and offer more information on their website.

Using Multiple Marketing Channels to Reach Consumers

Using both digital and traditional campaigns, a company can push their services across multiple channels. Some mediums may be better than others for certain target audience, but when you use both types of marketing your company can reach more potential customers. Home service companies often promote their services both on the radio and online in order to reach a large and diverse audience.

Building a Brand and Relationships

Traditional channels are highly effective ways to reach a broader consumer base and build a brand. Home service companies use traditional platforms to get their brand in front of consumers on a regular basis. Digital channels offer an opportunity to connect and build relationships with consumers. Home service companies use digital channels to gain the trust of consumers by engaging with them.

These are just 3 ways that home service companies use traditional and digital marketing techniques to gain new customers. By using both types of marketing, companies are able to attract more customers, maximize their revenue and return on investment.

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