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How to Restart Your Company’s Marketing After COVID-19

by Brian Colling - June 30, 2020

How to Restart Your Company’s Marketing After COVID-19

If you are like many business owners and marketing directors, the last few months have changed the way your company operates. Much of your time has been spent tending to the immediate needs of your business. Most or all your marketing efforts are on hold or have been paused for months. You may be wondering how to get your business’ marketing back up and running. For faster results, follow the Colling Media guide on How to Restart Your Company’s Marketing After COVID-19.

Update Company Information

One of the essential steps to restart your company’s marketing after COVID-19 is ensuring the most frequent customer-facing information about your business is accurate. You may be surprised to find out the information listed about your business is incorrect. Critical information could be wrong, like if your location is open or not and the store hours listing. Start by reviewing these key places:

  1. Google My Business
  2. Bing
  3. Business website
  4. Social Media profiles
  5. Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Be sure to include a website page and home page section describing your COVID-19 safety measures.

Review Ad Copy & Images

Now that searchable information about your business is accurate; it is time to turn your attention to outgoing messages. Review ad copy on all platforms is a must. If you have not told your traditional and digital media outlets to change or update copy – the text has not changed.

The most important message you can send is that your business is open and what kind of COVID-19 safety measures are in place. Avoid assuming your loyal customer or potential customer know and believe you have put safety first.

  1. Radio scripts
  2. Paid Search copy
  3. Paid Social headlines, calls-to-action
  4. Video/TV scripts
  5. TV commercials
  6. YouTube Videos

Be sure to review for appropriate images/imagery. Depicting what was normal and comfortable a few months ago can and will keep customers away today.

Review Landing Page(s)

If your company marketing takes a customer to landing pages or other pages not listed on your website, review them for the following:

  1. Accurate information
  2. Relevant and appropriate images
  3. Update with COVID-19 process changes
  4. Update/check links

Check Company Reviews

While you were busy with your business, customers, and their opinions (good and bad) were still posting. It is critical to review your business reviews. Respond appropriately and let your customers know you are there to help. Be prepared to respond to employees or former employees about how they feel they were treated. Review the following sites:

  1. Yelp
  2. Google
  3. Facebook
  4. Other sites (Glassdoor, Indeed, BBB, Kununu, Amazon, Consumer Reports, Foursquare)

Inspect Social Media Channels

The final area step to restart your company’s marketing after COVID-19 is to review your business social media channels. Just like reviews, your customers have been on your social media channels. You need to confirm your business is accurately portrayed. Now is an excellent time to review the content calendar to amp up relevant post-CVID-19 shutdown messages. Again, avoid assuming your customers know what changes you have made. Finally, review your content guidelines as the world has changed, and your social media channels should evolve appropriately.

  1. Header Images
  2. Relevant and appropriate images
  3. Review Content Calendar
  4. Reset Content Guidelines


The most important takeaway from starting your company’s marketing after COVID-19 is finding ways to get your business message in front of your customers. Your most loyal customers are not aware of the critical changes you have made, like business hours, safety measures, or limited inventory. For the best results – be clear, repeat as much as possible, and be transparent.

Need help relaunching your company’s post-COVID-19 marketing efforts? Contact Colling Media at (480) 889-9844 or visit us.

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