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TikTok Growth Slows, Zuckerberg Invests in AGI, and New Jersey Privacy Rules

by Colling Media - January 24, 2024

TikTok Growth Slows, Zuckerberg Invests in AGI, and New Jersey Privacy Rules

TikTok’s User Experience Concerns

Despite being the top downloaded app, TikTok’s growth is decelerating, falling behind Meta’s apps in monthly active users. Increasing user complaints about the overwhelming presence of TikTok Shop videos suggest potential user experience issues. Similar to Instagram’s removal of its Shop tab, TikTok may face pressure to make changes if user dissatisfaction leads to a decline in its user base.

Zuckerberg’s Open Source AI Ambition

Mark Zuckerberg is shifting focus from the MetaVerse to developing open-source artificial general intelligence (AGI). Amidst concerns about AI’s potential risks and existing proprietary AI platforms, Zuckerberg plans to invest billions into creating an AGI that surpasses human intelligence and makes it widely accessible, unlike the yet-to-be-profitable MetaVerse.

New Jersey’s Data Privacy Act

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently signed The New Jersey Data Privacy Act, becoming the 14th state with such legislation. This law, combining elements from other states’ data privacy laws with unique features, requires businesses operating significantly in New Jersey to review and potentially adjust their privacy policies and data collection methods for compliance.

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