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Tubi Sees Growth, Amazon Sued for Defective Ads & Google Adds “Small Business” Attribute

by Colling Media - November 09, 2023

Tubi Sees Growth, Amazon Sued for Defective Ads & Google Adds “Small Business” Attribute

Fox’s Tubi continues to grow, Amazon gets sued for defective search ads, and Google ads a new “small business” attribute on this week’s marketing minute.

Fox’s Tubi Continues to Grow

Tubi, a free-to-consumers, ad-supported cord cutting option has continued to grow over the past year. The CEO reports revenue is up 30% in the previous quarter, and in September, Tubi had 70 million active users and over 4 billion streaming hours. While some advertisers are still chasing higher CPMs on premium streaming inventory, it’s time to think about the lower-CPM ad-supported options, especially when coupled with the targeting and measurement capabilities of programmatic options like The Trade Desk

Amazon Gets in Trouble with the FTC

The FTC alleges that Amazon displayed search ads in its shopping platform for irrelevant products. The suit brought by the FTC claims Amazon realized showing irrelevant ads brought in enough revenue from advertisers to more than cover the cost of sales lost due to the poor customer experience. Advertisers should keep a close eye on ACOS and other facets of their Amazon ads campaigns, and it’s high time to start thinking about other platforms like Walmart, Meta and TikTok for shopping ads.

Google Adds New “Small Business” Attribute

Google reports 84% of consumers say supporting local small businesses is important to them. So, it’s adding a new “small business” attribute on profiles. A special flag now appears in shopping and maps results. It remains to be seen how much impact it will have on user spend behavior, but if you qualify as a small business, login and check that box right away.

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