School Discovers Path to Converting Seasoned Leads

Company Overview

Southwest Truck Driver Training provides training and 3rd party testing to individuals that are looking to gain employment within the commercial trucking industry. Graduates of this program can expect to secure employment as: Commercial Licensed Driver Trainee; Second Seat Driver, or Entry Level Solo Driver.


Southwest Truck Driver Training School Admission Directors were looking for a way to spend less time calling on low converting seasoned leads. The school challenged Colling Media to implement a solution for finding enrollable students in a sea of cold leads.


Southwest Truck Driver Training School chose Colling Media's email marketing services to solve their problem. We help schools implement email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and convert leads into enrollments.


Campaign open rates and click-to-open-rates averaged 16%*.


*There are no published numbers on open rates or click-to-open-rates on seasoned or cold leads. We believe 16% is a solid open rate for seasoned leads and 16% click-to-open-rate is 2x the number quoted by Constant Contact for Higher Education new leads.

Percentage of clicks indicating a desire to enroll now or within 3 months



There’s enrollment gold in seasoned leads. With regular attempts to re-engage cold leads, it’s possible to increase enrollment and segment a school’s database. Admissions representatives spend more time with leads most likely to convert to an enrollment.

You deserve better enrollment results too.