LinkedIn Launches into Streaming with CTV Ads

LinkedIn is making a big move into the world of streaming with the launch of CTV ads.  These video ads appear on platforms like Roku and Paramount, reaching professionals in a less cluttered environment compared to traditional TV. If you’re looking to attract top talent or target specific industries, consider incorporating CTV ads into your LinkedIn marketing strategy.  Think about the type of programs your ideal candidate might watch and tailor your message accordingly.

Walmart Expands Its Advertising Platform

Walmart is expanding its advertising platform to include smaller players and those outside their usual product categories.  This means plumbers, independent clothing stores, and other niche businesses can now leverage Walmart’s massive reach to connect with potential customers. If you’ve been hesitant about advertising on major retail platforms, Walmart’s expansion opens up new possibilities.  Explore their advertising options and see if they align with your target audience and marketing goals.

Reddit and Quora in Google Search Results Explained

Google explained why they show so many threads from Reddit or Quora. It’s because they prioritize content that sparks engagement and provides valuable information. This is a powerful reminder for any marketer.  Focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience and encourages interaction.  By fostering discussions and building a community around your brand, you’ll naturally improve your search engine ranking.

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