TikTok Tests Virtual Influencers

First up, TikTok is testing a game-changer for E-commerce and Retail marketers: virtual influencers for video ads. Imagine having complete control over a spokesperson who can perfectly embody your brand and reach millions of potential customers.  This is the potential of AI-generated influencers. Keep an eye on this development and consider how it could revolutionize your influencer marketing strategy on TikTok.

Chase Bank Allows Targeting Based on Consumer Spending

Next, Chase Bank is shaking things up in the world of targeted advertising. They’re now allowing advertisers to target customers based on their spending data. This is an interesting opportunity for advertisers looking to target specific behaviors. Especially as third-party cookies begin to decline, advertisers need to continue to explore the possibilities of data-driven targeting with your media partners to reach highly qualified audiences.

Snapchat Looks to Collect on Political Advertisements

Finally, we have a surprising trend in political advertising. Snapchat, not traditionally known for political campaigns, is expected to rake in a whopping $65 million in political ad spend this year! This is a wake-up call for anyone downplaying the impact of this year’s election cycle.  Don’t underestimate the potential of emerging platforms to reach new audiences. Stay ahead of the curve and explore new advertising channels for your clients.

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