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Disney Follows Netflix, X Edges Closer To Profitability, and Google Preps for the Holidays

by Colling Media - August 18, 2023

Disney Follows Netflix, X Edges Closer To Profitability, and Google Preps for the Holidays

Disney follows Netflix, X might finally be profitable and Google gets ready for the holidays, on this week’s marketing minute

Disney Increases Ad-Free Package Pricing for Disney+ and Hulu

After watching Netflix’s recent moves and waiting to see the results, Disney announced it will be increasing ad-free package pricing for Disney+ and Hulu, and cracking down on password sharing. This is likely to drive more users into ad-supported packages, opening up new OTT inventory perfect for advertisers to purchase programmatically.

X Platform Moves Closer to Profitability

The CEO of X claims the struggling platform is close to breaking even financially. More than likely it’s due to cost-cutting and layoffs as advertising revenue stays low. X also announced it will be lowering thresholds for creators and influencers to participate in revenue sharing, which – while adding costs – may help to bring creators back after some have migrated to Threads.

Google Prepares Updates Ahead of Holiday Shopping Season

Google is rolling out updates ahead of the holiday shopping season. An IPSOS study shows that 96% of shoppers used online searches before making holiday purchases. 87% using Google, compared to 65% on social, and 59% on shopping platforms – like Amazon – it’s more important than ever to get your search, shopping, and performance max campaigns ready early.

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