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YouTube Creates New Thumbnail Testing Tool

by Colling Media - June 20, 2024

Colling Media Marketing Minute: YouTube Creates New Thumbnail Testing Tool

YouTube Creates New Thumbnail Testing Tool

YouTube is empowering creators with its latest feature: Thumbnail Test and Compare. This tool allows content creators to experiment with up to three different thumbnails for each video, providing data on which image attracts the most viewers. By fine-tuning thumbnails, creators can significantly boost their video’s click-through rates and engagement. This feature not only enhances visual appeal but also offers a strategic edge in an increasingly competitive content landscape.

TikTok Launched Image Search Feature for Shops

TikTok is making waves in the e-commerce world with the launch of its new Image Search feature for Shops. This tool allows users to search for products simply by uploading or taking a photo. As TikTok ventures into this space, it stands to rival giants like Google and Pinterest by offering a visually driven shopping experience. Brands and retailers can leverage this innovative search capability to increase product discoverability and drive sales through more intuitive and engaging user interactions.

Disney Has a Latest Venture into Advergames for Connected TV

Disney is transforming the way we interact with ads through its latest venture into ‘Advergames’ and shoppable ads for Connected TV. These new formats combine gaming and shopping, offering viewers a fun and interactive way to engage with their favorite brands while watching TV. This seamless blend of entertainment and e-commerce not only captures audience attention but also provides a direct path to purchase, making ads both enjoyable and functional.

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