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YouTube Tests New Community Notes Feature

by Colling Media - June 26, 2024

YouTube is testing a new “Community Notes” feature, allowing viewers to add contextual notes to videos. Similar to X’s approach, this feature aims to combat misinformation by enabling users to highlight outdated or incorrect content. Initially, the feature will be piloted with selected contributors and assessed by third-party evaluators. This gradual rollout will help fine-tune the algorithm to ensure the notes are helpful and mitigate potential misuse.

TikTok’s Symphony Suite Introduces new AI Tools

TikTok’s Symphony suite introduces AI avatars, Adobe integration, and more, offering creators an array of new tools to enhance content production. This suite underscores TikTok’s commitment to innovation in digital creativity, providing users with sophisticated tools to boost their creative output and potentially changing the landscape of content creation on the platform.

Instagram Introduces Livestream Feature for Close Friends

Instagram’s new livestream feature for close friends allows users to create more intimate and personalized live experiences. By focusing on smaller, more curated audiences, Instagram is enhancing user engagement and fostering closer connections among friends, which can lead to more meaningful interactions on the platform.

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