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Email Marketers Enjoy a Large Return on Investment

by Leo Rondeau - July 15, 2016

Marketers Enjoy a Large Return on Investment with Email

One measure that online marketers are constantly measuring is the return on investment (ROI). Without a doubt, the return on investment is one of the best ways to gauge the effectiveness of a marketing method. Even if a marketing method is generating plenty of sales and conversions, said method may not necessarily be ideal for your purposes if the ROI is minimal or nonexistent. One email marketing is a method that has seen major growth in return on investment in the past year.

Recently, Salesforce released its 2016 State Marketing Report, which investigates the effectiveness of various marketing methods. In order to compile data for the report, Salesforce conducted a survey of approximately 4,000 online marketers from all over the globe. According to this report, online marketers are seeing a major increase in return on investment when it comes to social media, mobile, and email marketing.

Of the online marketers who used email marketing, about 80% of them reported that email marketing is integral to their business. About 50% of these online marketers reported that email marketing is closely linked to the primary revenue source of their business. In comparison to the findings of the Salesforce 2015 State Marketing Report, the number of online marketers that believe email marketing is integral to their business’s primary revenue source is up 50%. Almost 80% of online marketers agreed that email marketing generates a return on investment. This statistic is up 48% from last year.

According to the 2016 report, intelligent email is boosting revenue for online marketers. The intelligent email refers to the use of email personalization to deliver a holistic experience for the target audience. As personalization becomes more sophisticated over time, it is expected that intelligent email will drive even higher revenue for online marketers.

Salesforce reports that high-performing marketers are about two times more likely to create personalized emails based on real-time events. High-performing marketers typically have a more sophisticated approach when it comes to email marketing, which means these marketers take advantage of email personalization capabilities.

In the same report, Salesforce found that about 75% of the 4,000 online marketers surveyed reported that social media generated a return on investment. This is up 166% from Salesforce’s 2015 report. Salesforce found that Facebook was by far the most effective social media website for high-performing marketers. Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ followed in terms of effectiveness. Even though advertising on Instagram is still fairly new, Instagram was still found to be an effective social channel. It is expected that it will become even more effective with time.

In the study, 58% of the high-performing marketers agreed that they plan on implementing many digital transformations for their company. On the other hand, only 8% of the low-performing marketers reported the same. 2% of the underperforming marketers agreed that they are excellent at making personalized customer experiences compared to 63% of the high-performing marketers.

Without a doubt, the findings of the 2016 Salesforce report should certainly guide the decisions of online marketers, especially those who choose to use email marketing. For more information about email marketing and ROI, don’t hesitate to contact our digital agency.

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