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Making the Most of Email Marketing Campaigns

by Brian Colling - October 28, 2015

Make the Most of Email Marketing

Any business owner will tell you it is getting harder and harder to reach their target audience.  Things used to be simple.  A potential customer could see or hear your advertising message through a television commercial, a newspaper or print advertisement, or a simple radio spot.  Now, through modern technology advances, a business owner never knows where or when, or sometimes even if, they will reach their targeted audience. Here’s where email marketing comes in.

According to a recent study by Constant Contact, smartphones or other mobile devices account for more than half of emails opened by consumers who may be potential customers.  The most successful number of email opens comes from emails sent to Comcast, Verizon Wireless, and Cox email addresses.  However, very few emails are set up for complete mobile optimization, meaning people may not see their email until they sit in front of their desktop computer.  Of course, if a mobile device cannot open an email message, it is highly possible that the message will go unread.

How can an email marketing campaign benefit your business?

Preparing a typical direct mail campaign does not come easy or cheap.  Time needs to be spent designing the advertising materials.  Then the items need to be sent to the printer to be printed, cut, and possibly stuffed into envelopes.  Of course, time and money need to be factored into delivering the materials to be distributed by the Post Office.  When all is said and done, you could be taking a substantial amount of time and money, with no guarantee that your potential customer will even see your message.

Switching to an email marketing campaign can save your business time and money.  In less than two hours, you can have your marketing campaign ready to go.  Recurring email templates make it possible to make changes to copy and graphics quickly.  This is perfect for businesses looking to reach their customers with special same-day promotions.  Just a few hours of designing your special message, then simply hit send, and customers will likely be able to access your promotion that day on any given mobile device, granted the message is optimized for mobile usage.

Email marketing campaigns can be used to track sales and get to know your potential customers better.  Unlike any direct mail, you may send, email campaigns can be segmented using personal customer information.  You can target potential customers by their gender, location, and even their industry as long as this information is captured upfront when gaining their email addresses.  This will allow you to identify special groups that may be particularly interested in your product or service.

Your business can successfully use email marketing campaigns by keeping these simple steps in mind:

Provide value, lose the sell — Give your customers valuable news and information and they will come to rely on you to provide them with what they need
Make mobile devices a priority — optimize all your emails for mobile devices
Segment and personalize all your communications sent to potential customers
Keep your subject lines short and snappy — ensure that your email will be opened
Do not be afraid to get creative with the images you include in sending your email marketing campaigns

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