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Digital Billboards on the Rise

by Brian Colling - June 23, 2014

Digital Billboards on the Rise

Outdoor display advertising has always been a popular and effective way to introduce your product to the community. Billboards hold a number of unique advantages over television, radio, and even internet advertising such as cost, placement, and many other factors. But for some advertisers, outdoor display and billboard advertising also has their limitations, especially when it comes to shaping your message.

Disadvantages of Traditional Billboards

1. Static Messaging

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of traditional billboard advertising is that the medium only allows for a static message. In a world where consumers are bombarded by hundreds, even thousands, of advertising messages a day, a static message can quickly get lost in the fold. Additionally, static messages don’t allow for changes to your product or service offering. If you’re a restaurant that would like to advertise your daily specials it wouldn’t make sense to advertise those in an outdoor display medium. Instead, your best bet would be to simply advertise that you have daily specials, a far less effective message.

2. High Cost of Billboard Production

Additionally, a large percentage of the cost of billboard advertising is contained in the cost of production. While the display aspect itself is highly affordable, large-format printing on vinyl can be a relatively expensive process. This encourages billboard advertisers to stick with one single message for long periods of time, occasionally outliving the advertiser’s purpose.

Enter Digital Billboards.

Digital Billboard Advantages

Electronic digital billboards offer most of the benefits of traditional outdoor display advertising and eliminate a lot of the disadvantages associated with static billboards.

1. High-Traffic Placement

Digital billboards allow you to place your advertisement across a network of high-traffic locations. One of the main advantages of digital billboards is that they are generally placed in premium locations along highly traveled roadways and work routes. This means that more people will be exposed to your advertisement on a daily basis than if you purchased your own static billboard in a less visible location.

2. More Noticeable

Additionally, digital billboards are noticeable. Digital billboards are bright and stand out against the skyline much better than static billboards. Digital advertising is also highly effective at night. Studies are showing that people are more likely to read the messages on digital billboards. This is because the reader understands that more messages will be appearing in moments and they don’t want to miss out on a potentially important display.

3. Low Cost of Production

Another major advantage of digital billboards is the low cost of production associated with your advertisement. Because there is no printing that needs to be involved, your production time not only costs less but is much faster. Artwork is simply emailed in its digital form to the network’s billboard collection. This also allows advertisers to accomplish more creatively than they can in large-scale print.

4. Flexibility

Finally, digital advertising is flexible. Dayparting is a unique advantage of digital billboards. The restaurant owners looking to advertise daily specials can not only switch up their advertisement daily, but can even display variations of their advertisement to breakfast, lunch, and dinner crowds allowing them more control over the message that is delivered. Radio stations can advertise their playlists in real-time encouraging listeners to tune in at that moment to hear their favorite song. Gas stations can update the price for a gallon of gas daily.

The opportunities are endless.

Digital billboard and display advertising offer a number of advantages to the right advertiser. To learn more about whether outdoor display advertising is right for your company, contact the advertising and media placement experts at Colling Media today.

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