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What is Website Remarketing?

by Brian Colling - February 05, 2015

What is Website Remarketing & Does It Work?

Site Remarketing is when somebody visits and leaves your website without completing an action but they keep receiving ad impressions wherever they browse on the internet. When they are browsing the web and going to their favorite websites or they are watching YouTube or they are on Facebook, your ads will show up for them. This encourages them to come back to your site and complete an action.

Why Choose Website Remarketing?

Increases Conversion Rates

The thing that is great about site remarketing is it actually helps all your marketing channels increase conversion rates. If you’re spending thousands on TV advertising and driving visitors to your site, remarketing allows those interested visitors who did not complete an action to continually receive brand impressions until they do. Television and radio advertising casts a wide net in hopes of finding your target audience. Finding that target audience is not easy but the power behind remarketing is that it displays ads to ONLY people who have expressed interest in your brand.

Affordable and Customizable Messaging

You can customize your messaging wherever they are in the buying cycle so that it’s completely relevant and hyper-targeted to them. The best part is that you are only paying for those individuals who have expressed interest and are likely to convert. For example, let’s say a visitor comes to you through a TV ad and puts a pair of white sneakers into your eCommerce shopping cart but then abandons the cart and continues to browse the internet. Through remarketing, you can display an ad for white sneakers and even entice them with a small discount to encourage completing the action. Hyper-relevant, intelligently targeted, and best of all, very affordable.

Competitive Advantage

Remarketing is a competitive advantage for any business. Your competition is spending top dollar to cast a wide net in order to drive “semi-targeted” traffic. Marketing is all about matching the right audience with the right messaging. Get better results with your marketing campaigns by utilizing remarketing.

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