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6 Simple Strategies for Driving Mobile Calls

by Brian Colling - February 25, 2016

6 Strategies for Driving Mobile Calls

Driving mobile calls can be difficult, but there are a few different tricks a business can apply for boosting sales and building professional growth. With this being said, we’re going to cover a few strategies that make businesses boost mobile calls and conversions.

Here’s a look at six strategies to help drive mobile calls.

1. Utilize Mobile Extensions

Whenever someone searches for information regarding a business, some businesses allow their phone number to be clicked on so that the browser can directly call the business from their mobile device. You can enable this through Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter. You can also create a mobile click-to-call icon and link on your website and make it mobile responsive to increase your mobile conversion rate.

2. Inform Locals You’re A Local

Informing locals that you’re a local is a great way to approach a mobile consumer. People like supporting their local community but they also like simplicity and instant gratification. Knowing they can get their product/service right now because it’s local goes a long way. Another thing to consider is that over fifty percent of searches have a local shopping intent before making a decision.

3. Response To “Near Me” Searches

An increasing number (over 80%) end their searches with “near me” when searching for a product or service. So when a customer is looking for information regarding local businesses, it’s important that you have your paid media created to show up for those types of searches. You can marry this with organic results by creating content that addresses “near me” types of queries.

4. Only Make A Call Option Available

Many businesses provide too much information which only confuses the customer. However, when a business only provides one option for contact, it keeps things simple for them to follow. Many customers prefer speaking over the phone with a representative (as opposed to emailing or a live chat feature). Mobile searches are on the rise and are not outranking desktop searches. Given that trend, utilizing a click-to-call campaign you can drive calls instead of website visitors!

5. Understand Where Calls Come From

Understanding where your calls come from is very important. This allows you to optimize your spending so that every penny used towards marketing (to certain areas) is well spent. Utilizing AdWords in combination with Google Analytics can give you all the necessary data points you need to make these decisions or you can hire a company like Colling Media to professionally build and manage your campaigns.

6. Measure Data For Unique Calls

Understanding where your calls are coming from is the beginning of your optimization. Knowing which calls are quality calls and optimizing in on those is the hard part. Some businesses strictly collect information from their site. However, doing so results in the loss of other useful data. Other excellent sources for data collecting could be types of calls/inquiries received, the location of calls, dates of calls, duration of calls, times/dates of calls, and outcomes of the calls being received. Being able to track that back to your paid media account triggers allows you the ability to fine-tune your mobile marketing efforts.

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